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Jesse's Favs

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Fav Number:7
Fav colour:Orange
Fav drink:Strawberry and blue berry daquories
Fav book:"Death Be Not Proud", By John Guther
Fav T.V show:Friends
Fav Movies: 6th Sense, Grease and American History X
Fav Actors: Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams
Fav Actresses: Reese Witherspoon
Favorite bands: James Taylor, John Mayer
Favorite Song: "All the Things she said", T.A.T.U
Fav Band: Eve 6
Fav Sports: Baseball and Football
Fav Sports Team: New York Yankees and New York Giants
Fav Car?: BMW M3
Fav School Subject: Math and Phys. ED
Least Fav: History
Favorite person you have worked with?: Hayle Mills
Favorite thing: Girls
Favorite Cologne: Acqua di Gio by Armani
Favorite superhero: God!
Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite Activity: Sleeping!
Favorite place in the USA: Yosemite, California
Favorite Part about workin on AMC: Gettin to work with Amazing actors such as Michael Knight, and David Canary
Dessert!: blueberry or strawberry cheesecake are jesse's fav
Favorite Ninja Turtle: Leonardo!
Favorite Part about workin on AMC: Gettin to work with Amazing actors such as Michael Knight, and David Canary
Favorite Song on his album: Beautiful Soul

Status: Single
Pets?: Cat named Oliver
Nickname?: Jess, Jester, Orange Boy
Type of Music?: Pop and Rock
Sports that you play?: Baseball!!!!!!!!!!
What Kind of School do you attend?: Public
Hobbies: Playin Baseball,Singing and Acting
Biggest Like: Snow/Water Skiing
Prized Possession: Baseball Glove and Cell Phone!!!
What do you look for in a girl?: Nice Personality and Nice Smile. I love a girl that can make me laugh. I am not really a laugh at things type of guy and I dont smile and laugh all the time..But if a girl can make me laugh..I'm In LoVe!!!!!
Perfect way to spend a date? Out on the beach!!!!
What do you want to do when your older?: Be a singer
First acting job?: "Oliver" in a local theatre
On all the projects you worked on..What was your favorite? Why?: DreamStreet! Tryin to get a gold Record! It's always been a dream to have a gold and platinum albumn on my wall and I was very excited when I got it.
What type of work do you like to do the best?: Singing and Movies
Where you have to do a dramatic scence where you have to cry, how do you get ready to do it? I think of things that made me upset a long time ago

Siblings?: One brother, Timmy and One sister, Lea

Relationships: Jesse went out with a girl for 8 months in his Freshman year of High School!!!! That sets the record for him...

Would he date a fan?: Yes!! But he would have to get to know her first

Boxers or Briefs: Boxerss!!!

Short Films: Pirates of Central Park (lead role-Simon)

Fun Fact: Jesse likes coffee with one cream and two sugars!

Smelly?: Jesse uses aerosol spray deodorant!

Railroad tracks!: Jesse had braces from Jan 23, 2002 - May 10, 2002!  

Religion: Born again protestant

choice superpower: to take away his laziness

Pajamas: Flannel pants, No shirt

Baseball position: Pitcher, Shortstop

Pet peeve: Nail biting

International visits: Canada

Broken bones?: None

Jesse see's Dead People?: Jesse auditioned for Haley Joel Osments role in "The Sixth Sense" and even got a callback!, unfortunetely he didn't get the role :(

Night Owl: Jesse usually stays up 11pm on school nights and weekends 12:30 or 1am!

Alone again: For Jesse's alone time, he perfers his room with the stereo on

Worst fear: Car accidents

First kiss: 6th grade with a girl he REALLY liked  

School Mascot: Panthers

Hats or visors: Hats!  

College: He plans on going to UCLA   

Must shop mall stop!: Tommy Hilfiger

Biggest turnoff: Lies!

First impressions: What he notices most in a girl is her smile and her eyes

Flirt?: He says if hes intertested in a girl, he'd give her looks and start to follow her around

Prep?: Jesse proudly admits that he IS a prep

He has a car?: For Jesse's 16th birthday his parents got him a ::Ping Pong Table!!!:

Lazy Jesse!: Katie Spencer says that Jesse is just tooooo lazy to go get his permit!

Ring Ring: Jesse's current cell phone is a Nextel i-90

Yummm: Favorite drink is a strawberry or banana daquiri  

Dumbo?!: Mrs.McCartney said that Jesse had big ears when he was little!